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Supporting Students'
Career Paths

When students can develop a stronger focus on their future aspirations, schools can more effectively direct and guide them academically on the appropriate path to achieving their goal.  This Career Ready Bucks program allows students to have experiences that can provide them with a taste or glimpse of what a future career in a specific industry or occupational position may be like for them.  

How it Works
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Businesses register to provide experiences in any, or all, of the following areas: internships, mock interviews, cooperative education, guest speaker, industry/facility tours (virtually or in-person), job shadowing, mentoring, pre-apprenticeship, volunteer opportunities, teacher in the workplace, and career day/job fairs.

Students review the various experiences available and bring a list of the ones they are interested in to their school's Career Ready Bucks liaison.  The liaison will review these experiences, streamline the options, and contact the businesses to finalize an experience connection. It really is just that easy!   

Additionally, school personnel can also peruse the business experiences to fill needs they may have for things such as speaking engagements or career day programs.     

Cost (hint: it's FREE!)

This program is offered at no charge to all eligible LEAs.


All Bucks County Pennsylvania K-12 public schools and Career Technical Centers are eligible to participate in this program.  

Current List of Participating Districts/Schools  


Each LEA may register one program liaison.  That person will have the access to the individual business' details for contact.  We recommend a school guidance counselor who will be best positioned to support students with their academic choices in alignment with their chosen career pathway.   

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